Call for Innovative Concept Papers - 25th to 31st July 2016

Call for Innovative Concept Papers

Although much research is being carried out in many departments of the University but still there is need for improvement in the quality as well as quantity of research in order to bring Excellence in Research. University has a clear vision that quality of research carried out in any University across the Globe leaves a mark on the familiarity of the Institution. Therefore, we are much concerned about the quality research on its campus. We have more than 20 Schools on our campus and there are more than 58 subjects in which doctorate degree is offered by the University. Many University departments are well known Globally due to their quality research. Many individual faculty members are well known figures in their fields of research. However, we feel that still much efforts have to be done by all the faculty members in order to earn a name in quality Research at the National and Global level. Thereafter, the Concept Note was proposed by Dr.Rama Vaidyanathan, Director, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute to foster excellence in research at the University.

All the colleges of our University were encouraged to submit research proposals from 25th to 31st July 2016.


About Concept Note

A Concept note for Research is a 500 word document that captures the interest of the reader and convinces them that the idea proposed is worthy of further consideration. Concept note is a research proposal that describes the research problem or need that is required to be addressed. The proposed research project must be highlighted specifying the benefit of the target population. It is important to briefly provide the supporting evidence, on why the research question or problem is important. Thorough analysis has to be done illustrating what others have done before you have done. Along with the research questions the basic goals and objectives are to be stated. Overview of the methodology and any innovative approaches or techniques that’s planned to be used including the timelines must be informed.  Anticipated benefits and who will the beneficiaries are to be stated.

Application process

Online application URL was open on 25th July 2016 and concept notes were to be submitted before 31stjuly 2016


Concept Notes in specific areas  

Research in the following areas:

1.      Sensor Technology

2.      Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability

3.      Big Data Analysis

4.      Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

5.      Biotechnology

6.      Building Materials/Construction Technology

7.      Education

8.      Electricity, New and Renewable Energy

9.      Information, Communication Technology (ICT)

10.  Material Science

11.  Social Sciences including Policy Making in Healthcare, Education and Human Resource etc.

Resource Persons


Professor P.T. Manoharan         

Professor Rama Vaidyanathan

Eligibility and screening process

Faculty and full-time Ph.D. students of Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute were eligible to apply.

 Individual write ups was a must to be submitted along with the online application.

In total 60 members submitted their research proposal write-up and the proposals went through a plagiarism checking process. Through double blind process, the best 20 research projects were selected and nominated for oral research presentation in front of the scientific review panel.      

Step 1: Selection Process and Expert Review 



Step 2: Pre-grant and preliminary data

Research support from the University

During the literature survey to get full-length papers, the Resource Persons can be contacted to discuss and develop ideas.  The pre-grant will be provided to help do the pilot studies to find out if the idea is practically workable.  The project can be modified at this time and inter-disciplinary project can evolve in the process.  After 3 months, all the projects will be reviewed for progress and the University will project the research project for Collaborations with National and International Universities and Industry Consultancy.