Basic Course in EntrepreneurshipWFNEN201

Basic Course in Entrepreneurship
Prerequisite : Completion of WFNEN200
Duration : TOTAL 48 hours

Class room - 36 contact hours, Flex – 12 contact hours and Assignments – 25 hours after class Equivalent to Open Elective of 3 Credits in V Semester of B.Tech. Engineering. In addition, the project done by the student can be funded by DST NewGenIEDC.

Course Overview : This course is designed for those students who want to be among the 10% who succeed. This course will help them learn how to build a viable venture. A student will start his/her venture creation journey with identifying the problem that he/she wants to solve and end with building an MVP.

The Business Model represented by the Lean Canvas is the “anchor” in this journey. It is a “one page” format that students can use to capture and track their business model and entrepreneurship journey. The student will experiment and go through the basics of all the 9 blocks of the Lean Canvas. In the process, he/she will build an MVP they can take to market at the end of the course and learn to use the globally proven LEAN methodology.