Advanced Course in EntrepreneurshipWFNEN202

Advanced Course in Entrepreneurship
Prerequisite : Completion of WFNEN201
Duration : 60 hours

Core Contact hours – 45,Flex Contact hours – 15, Assignments – 30 hours, Equivalent to Open Elective of 3 credits in VI Semester, Project Phase 1 of 2 credits, Implant training : of 1 Credits

Course Overview: In this course, students will learn about how to achieve product market fit. They will revisit their business model and look for opportunities for growth in their customer segments, in their channels, and in the other blocks of the Business Model and validate it.

Then they will set their traction goal and chase that during the course. They identify channels, enhance their revenue streams and focus on sales. They will learn to work on their financial model and make a pitch deck. In this course, they will build their Sales, Ops, Hiring, and Technology Plan.

Potential show stoppers such as Compliances, Legal and Registrations will be covered as well.