Preparation & Analysis of Organic Herbal Bath SoapAnu Vimal, Keerthana Pandian S, Sneha H,H. Magesh*

Handmade Herbal soaps are a niche market and a good startup business opportunity.  These soaps are made from plant-based ingredients like natural oils & pure herbs using traditional methods in small batches.  These soaps are organic in nature and free of chemical additives such as parabens, SLS, and other petrochemicals products. In this project, soaps were prepared using combination of coconut oil, sesame oil, ground nut oil, neem oil and castor oil.  To create herbal soaps with antimicrobial activity, extracts from ten different herbs was used.  The soaps prepared were tested for their hardness, appearance, fragrance and were given to a limited group of users for their feedback.  The herbal soap prepared with Acalypha indica (Kuupaimeni) was found to be effective against skin rashes.  The feedback also requested soaps to be hardier so that it would last longer.