Evaluation of plant based material in the flocculation treatment of wastewaterR. Deiva Kani, A.M. Kavitha, Vinoth,U. Prithika*

Coagulation and Flocculation are essential steps in the waste water treatment plants.  For coagulation, aluminium or iorn based compounds are used which can form multi-charged polynuclear complexes with enhanced adsorption characteristics.  Natural polymers have been used for flocculation even in 2000 BC where the crushed nuts from the Nirmali tree (Strychnos potatorum) have been used for clarifying water.  The amount of flocculating and coagulating agent has to be standardized for different types / batches of sewage water.  We analysed the water from River Koovum and test the effect of natural flocculating agents.  The effect of potato powder, coriander powder and Basil seeds was used and their activity in wastewater treatment was analysed. Potato powder was found to be partially effective in waste water treatment.  However standardization using other additional polymers is required.