Prithika U, Ph.D.

Probiotic microbes, C. elegans model system

Dr. Prithika is a Research Scientist at Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Centre of Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She did her masters in Biomedical Genetics at Vellore Institute of Technology and subsequently She completed her doctoral studies in Biotechnology at Alagappa University. During her doctoral studies she served as a Junior Research Fellow under DST SERB funded project. She has qualified SLET exam in year 2013. At present, she is mentoring DST funded NewGen IEDC projects.

Publication : 13; Citations: 65, h-index: 6.


Research Interests:

Ø  Genomics and Proteomics

Ø  Host-Pathogen Interactions

Ø  Antimicrobial resistance and its mechanism


Ø  Probiotics

Students projects handled: 5


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Book chapters published

  1. Boopathi Balasubramaniam., Prithika U and Krishnaswamy Balamurugan., 2019.

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 Books edited

1.    Balamurugan K and Prithika U., 2019. Pocket guide to bacterial infections: Pocket guide to biomedical sciences: Publisher: CRC press, Taylor and Francis group ISBN: 9781138054899